In December 2022, I was able to experience a Darshan with Swamiji for the first time.

I sat, opened my heart and listened to the silence. Again and again, I felt a light breeze blowing through me. Sometimes a slight pressure arose in my head, sometimes warmth. It came and dissolved again. After this first Darshan, I felt a deep inner peace.

I was lucky enough to be present at further Darshans. The breeze came again, the inner peace was back, and I observed it from a different perspective I hadn’t seen before. My body was as light as a feather – an unprecedented experience.

Swami’s presence has changed my life profoundly. Words are too few to express this change. A never-before-experienced feeling of happiness, lightness and a deep trust in my inner self have characterised my new life ever since. It is an indescribable feeling for me, which I already knew from the Satsangs when Swamiji opened his divine space, how quickly this energy flows into me as if my inner being was thirsting for it.

What a gift!

In deep gratitude for Swamiji’s existence,