I am Mamatha.
This is a Sanskrit word, meaning “the essence of pure love”. Swamiji gave me the name on our trip to India in 2022.
It is a special honour for me because it is something sacred and also a task.
Since I found my Master in Swamiji, I have experienced a deep trust in my soul and the divine within me.
Swamiji’s positive power is with me everywhere. Through his guidance, I can lead a conscious yogi life and experience the divine energies within me through meditation. I am becoming increasingly aware of my inner reality, pure love.
This is my path, where I put all my strength and will. That is what I can give to the world, which Swamiji has opened up to me through his wisdom. He strengthens me through his blessings, holy presence, and infinite and unconditional love and shows me the way to my true self.
With deep gratitude and love,