The incredible journey to my Self

An eventful middle-class life with family, home and garden..etc., a normal life?

There was little time for myself! I often felt exhausted, tense and sometimes helpless. Something very essential was missing. The need for peace, deceleration, harmony and joy flared up in me more and more. In the meantime, the body drew attention to itself with numerous complaints. I prayed and pleaded, “God, help me out of this hamster wheel. I am not well!”
My deep faith and trust in God had always helped me over many hurdles, yet I felt lost on the outside. I had somehow lost the connection to the inside! Questions like: Who am I, why do I exist, what is my task here? Deeply hidden within me slumbered a blissful connection to God, which I had felt since childhood. The longing for it became stronger and stronger, and my search for God became extremely urgent.

Thus, wonderfully, my path led me in spring 2016 to a Satsang with
Swami Aatma. From the very first meeting, I felt a magnetisation. I listened attentively and with a thirst for knowledge to his explanations of worldly and spiritual questions. Lovingly and patiently, he shared his deep knowledge, clothed in easy-to-understand examples, clear and precise in his statements. I finally received answers to questions that no one had been able to explain to me before. I absorbed his spiritual knowledge. In Swami’s presence, my body and mind increasingly relaxed, and I felt more and more at ease. After much introspection and the approval of my family, I asked Swami Aatma to accept me as a disciple in June 2019. Wholeheartedly I started my healing journey to my Self.

With angelic patience and loving motivation, Swamiji trained me of the time of stillness-to look at myself, to recognise when my ego was on the rise and rumbling loudly, and to listen with discernment to my inner wise voice.
The time of tidying up began; looking at, sorting out, letting go of the old, and valuing experiences. To draw strength and clarity to do my best in the here and now and to let the future come to me with trust in God.

Swami Aatma teaches me to create a happy and self-determined existence and to use free will mindfully. He showed me how precious every day in my life is. In my meditations, I fill my heart with love for myself and all living beings, and most importantly, for GOD!

In deep gratitude to my Master and Teacher, Swami Aatma,
who planted so much light and love in me.
Om Namo Aatmaya.