I had always been searching. But for what exactly?
For the inner light that shows me the way in this challenging world?
For my “true” self? But does it require a master?
Wouldn’t I make my spiritual, that is, inner path dependent on a person on the outside and no longer be free in my decisions?
At least, that’s how it seemed to me with the teachers and masters I had met until then.

I had health problems, and various insecurities and fears were part of my everyday life.
Nevertheless, I was not unhappy because I believed this was part of my life.

Indian spirituality has always fascinated me, but my dream of experiencing India for myself remained unfulfilled.
My claustrophobia made it impossible for me to stay in confined spaces. Travelling in an aeroplane was unthinkable.

Then Swami Aatma came into my life!

Looking back today, after more than seven years, the spiritual “journey” with him and the transformations in me seem like an immeasurable miracle!

Today I know what I want and what I mean to myself.
I know why I am here in this life.
And I know how to use every minute, every breath, to get closer and closer to the essence of myself, my imperishable “I”.

“You are the only truth!”, Swami often reminds us… “Believe in You!”

My daily meditation, time just with myself, is the central key.

My yogi path has revealed and given me so much and enriched my life immeasurably.

There are no words for my deep gratitude.

I overcame my deepest fears and travelled to India and experienced the indescribable.

Today I feel part of the beautiful Satsangi community. Here I am connected with people who, as different as they may be on the outside, all have the same goal at their core.

“Together, we are powerful!”

And never in my life have I felt so infinitely free and independent and yet at the same time so safe and protected as on the path with my beloved Gurudev, my Master Swami Aatma.