Swami came into my life at the beginning of a dark phase in my biography. From our first meeting, he laid the foundation for understanding the law behind the turbulence in my outer life. The mind could be controlled, the heart sensations strengthened, the will clear, and the body healthy. Suddenly I realised that how I saw the world was not a picture created and thrown together by chance daily. I experienced true meaningfulness through his teachings. In the dark times that followed, Swami secretly held his protective hand over me as I know today. Through my will and his power, I can connect there today and experience every day with gratitude what it means to have one’s development in one’s hand. I would not be without him for anything in the world. His everlasting loving affection, his spiritual clarity, his pure being and his universal knowledge, from which he draws, show me again and again what I can achieve if I believe in myself with all my heart. I am infinitely grateful to be able to walk my path with Him and to be taught by Him. Together we are powerful!
Om Namo Aatmaya ❤️