I am, by nature, a self-determined and analyzing personality. No wonder, then, that the meaning of my life has always preoccupied me, and I have always been longingly interested in whether my soul completes several lives. If so, I want to be prepared.

However, blind faith was and is not an option for me. Swami Aatma, who at first glance embodied a lifestyle utterly foreign to me, I studied critically for a long time. I asked many questions and observed his behaviour and his effect. My insight gained from this is difficult to put into short sentences, so I strongly recommend getting your picture of Swami’s mission.

But it is a fact: Since day 1, Swami has supported me noticeably through his teachings and with the help of his abilities as a yogi to achieve my idealistic goals while considering my material desires. By following his wisdom, I am happier – more content – more relaxed. Through my participation in Satsangs and Darshans, I have found a second family who supports each other full of love on their spiritual path.

And for me, the essential thing: Swami offers each of us the precious chance to solve our personal question of meaning at this time of life with his forces. If there is one feeling that makes my heart scream at these lines, it is great gratitude.