Nowadays, we live as a whole organism in a great inbalance. We humans have created this ourselves. It is up to us to remedy it by finding our way back to our true being.

We live in our heads as long as we turn our gaze outwards. The head, with its thoughts, cannot help but divide, analyse and separate. It is narrow-minded and creates problems and disagreements.

In the heart, however, the opposite prevails. The heart is central and forms an inwardness. It connects, unites, and is vast and benevolent.

I know a special human being who shows us how to live through the heart and the path that leads to ourselves. I have met him and got to know him. If one is ready to go the way within, I recommend meeting my beautiful, divine friend and companion, Swami Aatma. Under his guidance, we will go on inner journeys. In doing so, we discover mysterious and new landscapes.

Thank you dear Swami from the depths of my heart.