Yogi-Retreat with Swami Aatma

the science of inner healing

How do you experience this moment wholly filled with your innermost being?

In the presence of Swami Aatma, our thoughts are silenced, and we are allowed to return to our inner nature, to surrender to what exists within us beyond the surface of our daily lives. For within, Swami reminds us, we are nothing but a state of pure bliss.

Learning to live like Yogis and taking time for our inner selves can help us overcome the obstacles that prevent us from being our true selves and experiencing the love and peace we carry within. Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in repetitive patterns or themes that require our conscious reflection to break free from them. We can do this more effectively when we detach ourselves from our daily lives. In the supportive presence of Swami, these inner healing processes find their own way.

Are you ready to join Swami on the journey of your inner healing?

In the Yogi-Retreat, Swami accompanies you on your journey of inner transformation. He shares with you his deep knowledge of inner healing. He opens up Yogi techniques that allow you to explore the different levels of your being. Daily Satsangs and Darshans with
Swami and silent meditations will help you connect more deeply with your being and healing energies.

The idyllic island of Ischia in southern Italy offers you a refuge for your Yogi time. Learn to live divinely, like a Yogi, and find your inner balance. Experience a week of inner healing and transformation under Swami’s guidance and in his inspiring presence.


Which benefits offers you the participation in The Science of Inner Healing retreat with Swami?

In Darshan with Swami, you can immerse yourself in the divine energies of a living Master and progress on your Inner (Yogic) Path.

You can get answers to your questions in Satsang with Swami.

Find your inner peace and stillness and learn to cultivate it.

Receive valuable knowledge and learn meditation techniques that guide and accompany you to inner healing.

Transform your life from the inside out and find your balance.

Focus on yourself and your life goals to pave the way to their realization.

Enjoy the beauty of the island of Ischia and its nature, whether on the beach, in the Gulf of Naples or in one of the thermal springs.

Feel a heart connection and share the joy with wonderful people who walk the same path as you.

How can you register for the Retreat?

Swami can only accept a limited number of participants for the retreat. The accommodation reserved for the retreat also has limited capacity. Therefore, if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible to register or get more info: +49151 244 284 30 or info@swamiaatma.de.

You can also register here: Zenbooking

Note on booking:
If you need help booking flights or organizing travel, please feel free to contact the Office-Team.