Satsang and darshan with Swami

“Come into my presence with your pure devotion.
I open my heart for you and shower all my wisdom and love into your heart.”

– Swami Aatma

in the presence of the heart

When we enter Swami’s presence, a place of peace and stillness emerges. Our hearts connect with his energy, and we feel inner peace. Swami’s Satsang and Darshan are a place to enter into our divine home. Here we are invited to experience the flow of his profound wisdom and are reminded of who we are. Here we learn to be just ourselves, with ourselves. At the same time, we experience ourselves as connected to everything, as One.

Satsang as source of wisdom

The word Satsang comes from ancient Sanskrit and refers to the timeless pursuit of seeking the inner light of self-knowledge. Generally, Satsang means union (sang) with the truth (sat) or the coming together of like-minded people searching for the truth within.

In Swami Aatma’s presence, truth seekers gather to transform themselves and their lives. Questions about life and spirituality are answered here.

Satsangs serve those who aspire to live healthy lives and gain a more profound knowledge of themselves and their existence. Satsangs support understanding one’s emotions, views and relationships in everyday life.

In Satsang, Swami shares his wisdom with us so that we can attain awareness of the divine truth within ourselves. We call it Divine because we can experience this awareness beyond our mind, ego, senses and body. This formless, everlasting power of the source of being is also within us, as Swami reminds us.

In Swami’s Satsang, you can practise exploring your inner side and become aware of your hidden powers and talents. Swami’s Satsangs help you to train your mind to live a happy, healthy and conscious life.

Satsang is a place to experience the
embodiment of love and wisdom.
The proper training and the right teacher
are necessary to live this life
in a pure state of consciousness.

– Swami Aatma

Darshan as divine blessing

Darshan is also derived from Sanskrit “drish”, “seeing”, and means seeing the Divine within oneself. Darshan is a blessing that people can receive through the presence of a Self-realised being.

In Darshan with Swami, you are invited to experience your true being. Darshan is wordless and without physical contact. Here you will experience the presence of Swami, which can lead you to a state of inner silence. It is a place where you can connect with your true inner self, which extends beyond your physical body, emotions, and thoughts. A profound understanding of your being and experiencing your energies is possible in this state.

During Darshan, Swami opens his heart and enters a deep meditative state that transcends his physical body. Similarly, we can close our eyes, focus on our heart chakra, and connect with our inner being to experience Swami and ourselves as divine consciousness.

Swami’s blessing provides protection, power and encourages everyone to live consciously and in connection with their inner being.

Darshan is the experience of your inner side
and the guidance to cosmic oneness
with the divine consciousness within,
to explore and experience yourself
beyond your physical reality.
You are nothing but a pure state of bliss.

– Swami Aatma

Note: Swami Aatma’s work strives for people to take responsibility for their existence and discover their profound inner potential. He inspires and supports everyone in finding their Divine and living healthily. His Satsangs and Darshans are not a substitute for necessary medical treatment.