Impressions of Swamis Satsangs

In the search for inner peace and more balance, we encounter a variety of lifestyles and belief systems nowadays. The modern Yogi life, as Swami lives and teaches it, is not just a fashionable lifestyle expressing our individuality, nor is it a religious approach. Instead, it is a way of life that enables us to balance external commitments and our inner selves to which we want to dedicate ourselves. As modern Yogis, we aspire to explore and embody our true essence.

Our constantly growing collection of audio recordings provides insights into Swami’s Satsangs and teachings on modern Yogi life. 

What is your truth?

We perceive the world through our lens, shaped by experiences, beliefs, and changing perspectives. But what remains as a lasting truth with us? Swami encourages us to explore our reality beyond our physical dimension.

Why do we turn inward?

Who are we beyond the constant highs and lows of our daily lives? And what happens when we turn inward to explore what lies beyond our senses and thoughts? Swami reminds us of the profound mystery of our inner identity and brings it back into our awareness.

What does it mean to be a Yogi?

When we hear the word Yogi or Yogini, many of us envision someone practising yoga asanas for physical and mental health. In contrast to this common perception, Swami explains the inner goal of a Yogi and how she or he can live in our present time to achieve it.