When I first met our beloved Gurudev Swami Aatma, I was astonished by his graceful and uplifting presence. Something felt very right to me to join the Satsangs and listen to the wisdom our Swami has to share with us. Just like a honey bee that knows where to get its best nectar from, somewhere deep inside, I knew that this encounter would help me find what I was searching for. Even though many things were new to me and unheard of, I kept joining the Satsangs regularly.
It helped me find more clarity, and the opportunity to ask questions appealed to me – even though I was searching for a language without words.
Finding exactly “that” was a wonderful experience, and I found more and more answers revealed from deep inside. Our beloved Gurudev’s presence helped me share things on a level far beyond words.
Bit by bit, devotion, love, and discipline helped me to find out what is suited for my path and what to leave behind.
I am ever so grateful I found a Master who helps me to become strong from the inside so that outer circumstances cannot take my peace and happiness away.
In deep love and gratefulness for our beloved Swami
Heike “Om Namo Aatmaya”